Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

When you think about first impressions, what comes to mind? Probably not your smile, but it’s actually the feature people notice and remember the most after meeting you. In fact, smiling is part of the psychological cues we use to communicate with each other nonverbally. This also includes the gestures you make, your posture, and your eye contact, among other things. All of these cues are actively conveying messages to someone, even before you say anything. That’s one reason why you hear people say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So what is that your smile is saying about you?  Keep reading to find out how you can leave a lasting impression with a beautiful smile and how we can help!

Here at Laidlaw Orthodontics, it’s our goal to give you a beautiful smile that will leave a lasting impression. We offer patients of all ages a variety of affordable treatments to correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, from crowded teeth and overbites to underbites and misalignment. Now that you know how important smiling can be, let’s discuss exactly what why that is, and how we can help you achieve a confident smile that you’ll want to share with everyone around you!  

Put your best face forward

Since our smiles speak for us so often, it’s important to remember your audience. Whether you’re connecting via Zoom, meeting a client for the first time, or making new friends, the people you interact with are constantly making subconscious notes about you based on what they see. Sailing through with a confident smile will leave them thinking fondly of you even after you’ve said your goodbyes. 

The impression you leave on others is reason enough to work towards a healthier smile, but it comes with many other benefits as well! Crooked teeth can be more difficult to clean and floss effectively, increasing your chances of tooth decay and cavities. Misalignment can cause a number of issues, including pain your jaw, headaches, and a sore neck. Correcting these issues can improve your oral and total body health, and give you a smile you feel good about. 

Set the right tone in any situation

A happy smile can set the right tone in almost any situation. When you’re confident in your own smile, you raise the level of positivity in those around you, and that’s something people will really pay attention to. As we mentioned above, your smile is the feature others will remember most about you. If you come across as stiff and unfriendly because you’re hiding your smile, it can hurt your chances of succeeding both personally and professionally. When you share your smile with others, it can be contagious and leave the whole room feeling lighter!

Take advantage of people’s perceptions

A hundred or so years ago, a researcher by the name of Edward Thorndike described something he called the “halo effect.” This phenomenon explains how our brains attribute multiple positive qualities to a person based on us noticing just one positive quality. In other words, we tend to make up information about a person based on our own perception of them. And what does that have to do with smiling? 

Invisalign wanted to know the same thing! They enlisted Kelton Global to conduct a perception study for them, which found that straight teeth can be a catalyst for assumptions about a person’s intelligence, success, and even their wealth. According to the study, about two-thirds of Americans are more likely to remember attractive features than those that they find to be unpleasant. We all know better than to judge a book by its cover, but it happens all the time! When your smile is white, bright, and beautiful, people will see it as an indicator that you’re confident and successful.

Smile and the world smiles with you

Humans are excellent at mimicking facial expressions, even when we don’t realize we’re doing it. This helps us to understand the person we’re communicating with and respond appropriately. It can also trigger a similar emotional state in those around us. 

Yale University set out to explore this very thing in a study. Volunteers were divided into  small groups and assigned specific tasks. One team member was secretly instructed to act upbeat as they entered the room. When that person came in with a smile on their face, the mood in the room lightened noticeably! Each individual’s performance also improved, and the group itself was more likely to achieve its goal.

The University of Kansas conducted a similar study. Subjects were given stressful tasks to complete, with some participants told to smile during these tasks while others were directed to maintain a straight face. Researchers measured the heart rates of the participants, and the subjects were asked to self-report their stress levels as they performed the tasks. Those who were smiling throughout the tasks had lower heart rates, and their bodies showed increased resistance to stress. That’s proof of how powerful a smile can be! 

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

Make a splash with a beautiful smile from Laidlaw Orthodontics

A healthy smile has been linked to better moods, increased positivity, and a reduction in stress levels. It also makes it easier to connect with those around you, giving you a chance to make a positive impression that lasts! 

If you’re in Hillsboro or the surrounding communities, Laidlaw Orthodontics is here to give you a beautifully aligned smile that stands out from the crowd. Our talented team offers outstanding orthodontic care for the entire family in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We’re proud to provide superior customer service and exceptional orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages!

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