Hillsboro Smile Stories

Hear What Real Patients Say

Our patients can’t stop talking about their experience with Dr. Laidlaw and the Laidlaw Orthodontics team.

Our goal is to provide the best possible orthodontic care and create lifelong relationships with our patients in Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

You have found the best in the business

"Dr. Laidlaw and her crew are the best group of people I have ever worked with. Everyone is kind and hard working and makes the time to give every patient as much time and attention as they need at every appointment.

I never felt that I did not get all of my questions answered. Even when the office is very busy you can easily feel as if you are the only one there. This is a very special quality that can be difficult to achieve. These ladies make it look effortless!

If you are looking for an orthodontist for yourself or a family member, stop looking right now. You have found the best in the business. Pick up the phone and call them now! You will not be disappointed!"

- Jerrod

My smile is completely transformed

"The NICEST team you'll ever meet! They take the time to chat with and make each patient feel seen and appreciated, while also providing excellent orthodontic care.

My smile is completely transformed, and I can genuinely say I enjoyed the process. Can't emphasis enough how much I recommend Dr. Laidlaw and her awesome team!"

- Ruthie

6 out of 5 stars

"Dr. Laidlaw and the whole team are just great! Real experts, very committed, professional and friendly.

Myself and my son are patients and have made great progress in our treatments. I will recommend this place to anyone without any hesitation. 6 out of 5 stars!"

- Frank

I'm so impressed

"All orthodontists are not equal in skill, compassion, education, and the desire to do the best work possible.

Dr. Laidlaw reminds me of the old-school professional who wants the best for every single patient. Her understanding of dentistry and orthodontia is outstanding. I'm so impressed."

- John

Transformed my son's smile

"Dr. Laidlaw and her team transformed my son's smile. His braces came off two years later as expected, despite delays from the pandemic.

The office's safety protocols helped me feel safe to continue my son's treatments. The team is always friendly and courteous. I strongly recommend this practice."

- Kelsey

Very pleased

"I think they have done everything possible to keep their patients and their team safe. They’re efficient and good at what they do.

They tell you what to expect. I’m very pleased with the results so far."

- Irene

Thrilled with the results

"We have been very happy with our experience at Dr. Laidlaw's office. We love the friendly and caring team.

Both of our kids had great experiences are we are thrilled with their results."

- Sara

I KNEW this was the place

"I was referred to a few places by Acorn Dental for braces for my 11 year old daughter with Autism, Brooklynn. She is non-verbal, however highly receptive.

She has sensory processing disorder and is highly sensitive to touch and sound and lighting. From the moment I called and asked the receptionist maybe 30 questions I received nothing but kindness, patience and understanding. I KNEW this was the place. I booked the appointment.

I had major anxiety the day of the apt, so many thoughts ran through my head. But when I tell you Dr. Laidlaw and her staff are truly amazing. Please believe me! They were SO good with my baby!

They walked her through every step and were so kind and tenderhearted with Brook and myself. Being an Autism mom you always have fear of the unknown, always. But the energy in the room was nothing but positive.

Brooklynn came back, got her braces and was a trooper! Laidlaw Ortho has a family for life with us! The team is all smiles, you can see it in their eyes!! Literally (we all had masks on so.. lol )

I am beyond pleased to work with them and highly recommend them. Because especially with the world we live in right now, who does not need kindness, patience, understanding and support on any journey? Thank you Laidlaw Ortho. We so appreciate you all! ❤"

- Jocelyn