Reviews & Testimonials

We love to hear from our patients about their experience with Dr. Andrea Laidlaw and staff at Laidlaw Orthodontics.

We strive to provide the best possible orthodontic care and create lifelong relationships with our patients. If you would like to contribute to our testimonial page, we would love to hear your story.

Scott Pennington

At nearly 60 years of age, I never thought I’d be in braces. Throughout the skillful and impeccable care I have received from Dr. Laidlaw and the entire staff, even more noteworthy is the genuine personal concern and consideration each and every one has shown me. I feel truly blessed to have such thoughtful and talented friends not only to treat me, but to comfort me as well.

Cherene McLean

Dr. Laidlaw is amazing at what she does. Her talent saved me from having to have a painful jaw surgery to fix my bite. She was able to give me a perfect bite with braces alone. Not only that, but my appointments were a joy due to her excellent staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I am very grateful for such a wonderful experience.

Daniel Shaw

When I first began my orthodontic treatment, my teeth were so crowded that some were coming through the roof of my mouth. The staff at Dr. Laidlaw’s office were so supportive and assured me that my teeth would be completely straight when they were finished. The office environment is open and roomy. You can see other kids being worked on so you don’t feel anxious about what is happening. The people are friendly and told me what was going to happen beforehand so I felt completely relaxed. They have a big choice of colors for braces and many different flavors for the impressions. It is a place kids can be very relaxed. The technology in Dr. Laidlaw’s office is amazing. Pictures were taken often, and I could see my teeth moving in the right places. Thanks to Dr. Laidlaw and her staff, I have perfectly straight teeth and even make extra money for college as a sports model.

Madi Vanderzanden

I really enjoyed coming to Dr. Laidlaw’s office. I knew that they would work as hard as they could to speed up my treatment. They were always helpful and very kind. I am very happy with what they have done for me.

Jeanette Weatherford

Dr. Laidlaw and her staff are so friendly and accommodating. Everyone worked so hard to give me a great smile. I am so happy and many people tell me how beautiful my teeth look. Thank you Dr. Laidlaw.

Janet Bridgewater

We have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Laidlaw and her staff. My three girls have been under her care for about nine years now. Alexis in particular had a very difficult and unique situation with her mouth and teeth. Dr. Laidlaw identified the problems, explained to me all the alternatives, the risks and chances of both good and bad outcome. I completely trusted Dr. Laidlaw’s judgment and went with what she felt was the best approach. Four surgeries were required and many orthodontic visits (we are not quite done yet), and now Alexis has all of her teeth in place and straight. They are beautiful. I am so impressed and extremely grateful to Dr. Laidlaw’s wisdom and technique. Everything has worked out perfectly for Alexis’ treatment, just as Dr. Laidlaw planned.

Kimberly Bridgewater

I am a person who enjoys a good challenge, and I presume Dr. Laidlaw to be one who enjoys challenges also. When I walked into her office at the age of 11, I presented her with a mouthful of challenges. I was a patient with crowding, crooked teeth, an underbite, a jaw growing in the wrong direction, and to top it off, a severe metal nickel allergy. Dr. Laidlaw worked with me to provide me braces and appliances that were nickel-free and even made it so I did not have to go through corrective jaw surgery to fix my bite. It was a long journey of braces and other appliances, but the staff was always pleasant and easy to be around. They would often joke with me that I was in the running for the heaviest chart contest. Dr. Laidlaw was the best person I could have sought out with my mouth situation, being confident and understanding in all circumstances. She provided me a beautiful smile, and I am glad to tell of all her efforts, time and care.